FREE Medication Disposal and


Residential Recycle Day 


Educational Service Center (across from YMCA)

Saturday, October 22, 2016 9:00 a.m.—Noon

It’s EASY!

Bring medication (pills & powders) and recyclables to the drive-thru drop-off location. Keep medication in their original containers if possible.

No needles, liquids, or ointments will be accepted. No need to leave your car. Questions? Contact the County Commissioners Office 419-523-3656 

Do you have unwanted, expired or unused medicine around your home? Help protect your family, community and the environment by properly disposing of them.

This event is sponsored and supported by:

*Educational Service Center                                                     *Putnam County Sheriff’s Office                                                   *ADAMHS Board    

                *Village of Ottawa                                                                    *Putnam Soil & Water District                                             *PRO-TEC Coating Company    

    *Rader Environmental Services Inc.                                                 *Verhoff Machine & Welding                                               *Unverferth Manufacturing

      *National Millwright                                                                    *Remlinger Manufacturing                                                      *Whirlpool Corporation 

                 *Goodwill                                                                             *Steck’s Painting                                                           *Putnam County Health Dept.

*Pathways Counseling Center                                                     *Putnam County Coroner                                                        

*Community Thrift Store                             *Putnam County Commissioners               *POET Biorefining                             *Progressive Stamping

What Can You Return For Safe Disposal?

  (items with * means First Come First Serve)

 Prescription medications (pills & powders)                    Over the Counter medications                         Medication samples

                             Medications for pets                          Vitamins                    Narcotics (controlled substances)

                        Computers                      Cell phones                     Scrap Steel- appliances, anything a magnet will stick to

Lead Acid & * Household Alkaline/Lithium Batteries                       Oil                     * Light Bulbs (4’ Fluorescent Tubes and Household)

Shoes, toys, clothes, books & household items                         Mercury - bring in your old thermometer & receive a mercury free thermometer 

  Electronics - fax machines, copiers, microwaves, toasters, scanners, DVD players, cameras, stereo equipment, video game equipment      

* Latex & Oil Based Household Paints                             * Televisions


Tires                         IV bags                         Bloody or infectious waste                     Medicated ointments/lotions                      Inhalers                     Aerosol cans         

 Liquid medication                 Personal care products                      Business waste                          Used syringes or needles                           Hydrogen peroxide