RECYCLE DAY 10-22-2016

Volunteers Jackson Betscher (Commissioners Office) and Rick Rupert (PRO-TEC) greet the cars coming in for Recycle Day at the ESC.

Volunteers John Love (Commissioner) and Rick Rupert (PRO-TEC) parking cars.

Volunteers from PRO-TEC Nate Patrick, Mike Utrup & Brian Suever directing the traffic and helped Rader Environmental load up televisions.

Volunteers Tim & Ted Macke with the Thrift Store collecting household items from a resident.

Volunteers from the Village of Ottawa are there collecting mercury, small electronics, used motor oil and lead-acid batteries.

Volunteers with Rader Environmental along with Jan Osborn (Putnam ESC) taking TVs, paint, household batteries, & light bulbs.

Volunteers from Goodwill collecting computer items from a resident.

Captain Brian Siefker with the Sheriff's Office collecting medication from a resident.

Captain Brian Siefker, Sgt. Brad Nelson and Dawn Nelson collecting medication from residents.



Grand Opening of the Recycling Site at Putnam County Transfer Station on March 6, 2009.  Students from Leipsic High School, along with their teacher, Nate Reynolds,  helped to open this site along with the Putnam County Commissioners and Jim Leopold, Ottawa Township Trustee.   



The Putnam County Solid Waste District opened its Recycling Site at Kalida on March 6, 2009.   This recycling center is available to everyone and is located on ST RT 114 in Kalida. 


 Our truck received in 2011.



Coloring Contest winners (left to right) Kayleen Maas, Morgan Karhoff and Haley Schroeder. 



Two new roll-off bins were added to our fleet this year thanks to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Community Development Grant the Putnam County Solid Waste Management District received.

We also received a baler with a conveyor for the County Recycling Program thanks to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Community Development Grant we received.  Currently paper and cardboard are being baled.

Our first two bales as finished product.

To help with the confusion of what items go in which bins, new signs were added to our bins for easy reading and color identification.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!



Our first set of plastic bales!


Start of the improvement to the ramps at the Transfer Station that will be utilized for our glass operation.