Job Opportunities

September 12, 2017      The Putnam County Commissioners wish to seek the services of a recycling driver.  This individual will work around 10-20 hours during the week or weekend depending on availability to haul and dispense recyclables in the county.  Applicant must have a valid driver's license with a Class A CDL certification and a good driving record.  Duties will include but not limited to:

  • Operating the truck with a lift or boom
  • Inspecting the truck
  • Being able to enter and exit the truck independently
  • Lift, sweep & pick-up trash on the ground
  • Pull foreign materials from glass recycling
  • Cleaning recyclables around the Recycling Complex after dropping a load of product
  • Occasionally emptying school recycling bins
  • Possible occasional sub for weekend help
  • Other duties as assigned

Commissioners will take applications through September 29, 2017. Pay is competitive and will be in line with skills and experience.  To apply, submit resume including employment information to:                        

Putnam County Commissioners       245 East Main Street - Suite 101       Ottawa, OH 45875