Putnam County Recycling

Schedule for Mobile Locations...


 Recycling in Putnam County... 



                         Community:                                    Ottoville                                             Ft. Jennings

                         Location:                                        Water Tower                                       Park

                         Day of the Month:                           Third Saturday                                    First Saturday

                         Hours:                                             8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.                         9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.



 Recyclable Items... 


 Paper Bin 

  • Magazines, office paper, catalogs, copy paper, envelopes, phone books, junk mail and newspapers. Please take out of plastic bags.

    Cardboard Bin 


    • Flattened/broken down corrugated sheets and boxes, flattened chipboard (cake, cereal, cracker boxes), file folders, poster board, paper egg cartons, and pizza boxes. Please cut out any oil contamination in pizza boxes.   Please cut down large boxes and remove any plastic. 


     Plastic Bin 

    • Plastics with the numbers 1 and 2. Will take some 5.  Examples milk jugs, two liter bottles, water bottles, etc. **TIP: Not all plastic container numbers match their lids.**


    Metal Bin

    • Metal - All cans, aluminum, tin, lids, and aluminum foil that do not have food on them


     What Cannot Be Recycled in Putnam County... 

    •         No Styrofoam.
    •         No plastic bags.
    •  Paper containers with wax or plastic coatings are not recyclable such as pet food bags, frozen food packages, salt bags and milk/juice containers. 
    •         Containers must be rinsed of food and other contaminants. 
    •    At this time we ask there be no pane glass or plexiglass, paint or paint cans, tires, televisions, batteries, light bulbs, construction materials or any type of household garbage/hazardous waste be put into the recycling bins.  Please see our 'Resources' tab for other alternatives for the disposal of these items. 

     **Items collected at mobile sites are NOT always the same items accepted at permanent sites.  All recycling needs to be clean.  Please do not put items that    are not recyclable in the bins and read all labels for clarification or call our office.**